Communication Channels

Efficient communication methods are vital so that the work we do together doesn't suffer from interruptions and mismanaged use of time. The better Logo Pogo can work - the better your projects and our service will be.

Below are our key communication channels and how best to use them, so that both you and Logo Pogo can work together seamlessly, and get the best result - saving you time and money.



Email me anytime about anything. I'll always respond - usually that same day, or if not, the very next day.

[email protected]

When you need to chat or verbalise something, or are simply not near your computer, you can get Logo Pogo on the phone.

02 8003 4362

As Logo Pogo is a small team and dedicated to working hard on client projects, we may not be able to drop everything to answer, however we have scheduled time each day to process any voice messages left for us and we WILL get back to you as soon as possible.

As phone conversations are in many ways not as efficient as email we do place higher priority on processing email requests. So we recommend you consider email first for faster and more accurate responses.

If your issue is urgent please feel free to use our urgent number.



When you need any technical assistance or minor changes we're here to help.
All clients now have a free support plan applied for their business. You get this for being our valued client.

This gives you 2 hrs of support time per month for free. If you want to really use and abuse us, check out our extended support plans and see how much we can reduce the hourly rate for you!


[email protected]

Support requests are best sent via email so you can be sure to include all relevant details, which will allow Logo Pogo to take the necessary time to investigate the issue fully before getting back to you with an accurate response and/or resolved issue. Details such as exact web links to the problem pages, any error messages that occur, screenshots displaying the issue, exact steps needed to replicate the issue, are often better documented via email, as opposed to phone.

Using the support email address above will ensure your issue is dealt with as efficiently as possible.


If your support request is related to a website issue, you may find the above link a helpful tool to report your browser details to us along with your support email.



We understand that sometimes urgent issues do come up and it's Logo Pogo's number 1 goal to help you out whenever possible. So, we are very happy to be able to offer a dedicated communication channel for such urgent issues and requests.

0410 337 464 (Phone or SMS)

As this number is a dedicated resource in which Logo Pogo will stop current work and drop everything to answer your call, it also needs to be understood that any such request will be treated as urgent and charged appropriately.

Urgent requests are billed at double time for the standard rate of work being done, including the call itself. All urgent requests are treated separately from any support plan or previous arrangement and cannot be funded with promotions or other discounts.

If the urgent line is already engaged or Logo Pogo is otherwise disposed we will get back to you as soon as possible.

This urgent line will be manned Monday to Friday - between 8am and 6pm (EDT / EST), excluding NSW public holidays or when otherwise announced by Logo Pogo.