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Support &


Fast and efficient ongoing support is our priority - now and well into your future.

Support & <br>Outsourcing


Come up for air and delegate those ill suited tasks depriving you of all your oxygen.

Hire us as a creative resource for those smaller, frequent / repetitive tasks that just don’t fit your own job description but there’s just no one else to do them (until now).

It's tailored support to free up your time - so get us to work now at immensely reduced rates.
PS: you can stack multiple Assist plans to custom build your desired hours.

Explore Further Free Your Time


We include 2hrs support time per month for all clients, covering any completed project that's under our watch.
Yep, we've got your back!

Become a Client


Perfect top-up plan for when you're needing that little bit extra then the built-in support. 2hrs extra to be precise.

$22 p/mth ($11 p/hr)



Peace-of-mind knowing Logo Pogo has your back with multiple tasks & 4hrs extra support time.

$33 p/mth ($8 p/hr)



Ideal for multiple staff and/or multiple tasks with 6hrs extra support time.

$44 p/mth ($7 p/hr)